With extensive experience editing in technical, literary, and academic settings, I have both the skill and the enthusiasm needed to delve into those deep, dark corners of language. My time as a university writing tutor profoundly shaped my editing philosophy: I believe editors are guides, collaborators, conservators—never judges. My goal as an editor is two-fold: (1) to produce only the highest quality content and (2) to educate and edify, whether directly or indirectly. I utilize a simple and adaptable approach: pinpoint, explain, suggest, solve. I am adept at quickly and surgically identifying a wide range of writing issues, and I love utilizing all my knowledge to elegantly eliminate those issues. My mastery of the English language, keen eye for detail, and dedication to perfection have shaped me into the editor I am—one who creates not just better copy but better writers.


Technical Writer & Editor · Oct 2020 – Current

As an organizational development specialist for a corporate consulting firm, I’ve developed exceptional client management skills as I’ve worked one-on-one with C-suite executives to identify needs, propose business process solutions, and build the documentation needed to implement those changes. I manage projects from kickoff to implementation as I coordinate with other writers, editors, and designers. I scope and plan the project to establish milestones and deadlines, monitor progress, then conduct quality assurance before delivery.

I most enjoy collaborating with clients and stakeholders to review materials and ensure the content is accurate, relevant, and error-free. I love the collaborative review process that allows me to gather feedback and implement revisions, ensuring every product I create is the highest quality and most helpful solution for my client’s needs.


Writing Tutor, Training Supervisor · Apr 2013 – Dec 2018

My time at the Writing Center was a wonderfully fulfilling and engaging experience. It helped me understand the expectations I have for myself as an editor and the work I invest myself in. I loved being challenged every day—challenged to push my knowledge to new limits as I studied out complex issues, challenged to adapt as I catered to the learning styles and specific needs of unique individuals, challenged to fully engage and grow my mind through my work.

With over five years of experience at the Writing Center, I have edited hundreds of diversiform documents including the English 106 textbook, accompanying class materials, and select chapters of a doctoral dissertation. Earning master tutor certification, I became expertly versed in grammar, syntax, style, and the formats of Chicago, AP, MLA, and APA. As the specialty tutor for the Language Theory & Advanced Grammar course, I gained a deeper understanding of the intricate methodology and mechanics of language. As a supervisor and trainer, I developed strong leadership and teaching skills as I created a new training program and mentored new tutors.

Work samples

After five years of tutoring and as I prepared to leave the Writing Center, I embarked on a journey to reconstruct the training program. These training materials are a manifest example of the editing knowledge and skills I mastered during my time at the Writing Center.


Editor in Chief, Cofounder · Jan 2015 – Feb 2016

In January 2015, I cofounded JuxtaProse Literary Magazine. In the year I served as editor in chief, we grew rapidly: accruing a national readership of over 5,000, hiring editors and interns across the country, publishing work from Poet Laureates and Pulitzer nominees, and earning several awards including our first two Pushcart nominations. Our meteoric growth eclipsed all my expectations, forcing me to quickly master new skills and concepts. It was the most challenging, demanding, and deeply rewarding time of my life. I found that I could accomplish any task, learn any skill, and overcome any challenge—as long as I remained focused, organized, curious, and passionate.  

As editor in chief, I supervised a board of six editors and two marketing interns while overseeing assignment, scheduling, content planning, art selection, and day-to-day operations. I also edited submissions for grammar and style guide compliance, proposed content revisions, and proofed the full volume for final corrections before publication. I most enjoyed my role working closely with NPR contributors, Poet Laureates, National Book Award nominees, and Pulitzer nominees. Most valuably, I refined the ethics, integrity, and tact required to handle intellectual property

Work samples

Explore a selection of essays I edited during my time at JuxtaProse. Click on the image to access the full essay.

Visit the Writing section of the portfolio for more information about my time at JuxtaProse Literary Magazine.


Manuscript Editor · Feb 2018

In February 2018, I edited a 212-page young adult novel manuscript, focusing on content development. I began the process with a series of consultations, dedicated to mutually discovering and fully understanding the author’s concerns and goals. Then I began the research portion, allotting several weeks to studying the manuscript, similar literary examples, and craft textbooks. Next, I penned and formatted a 27-page recommendation report with appendixes and reference materials.

During my research, I identified weak conflict as the most pressing issue. I knew conflict to be a uniquely challenging concept for many writers. While it is perhaps the most crucial element of a successful narrative, it is also such a core, far-reaching concept that it can feel nearly impossible to examine it in any helpful depth. As I penned my recommendation report, I utilized detailed specificity and tedious organization to turn the vague, intimidating shadow of conflict into a simple formula.

I broke the manuscript down into two specific types of conflict: risk and sacrifice. Then I organized all the sections following a uniform outline: (1) define the principle using craft resources, (2) provide examples from literary sources, (3) take a closer look at the manuscript, (4) recommend how to implement these findings. Lastly, I presented the report to the author with a summary of my findings and recommendations.

Work samples

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