With extensive experience writing in a variety of disciplines, I offer a mastery of rhetoric, composition, style, and syntax. I have published news articles and creative works in outlets such as Scroll, Metaphor Interdisciplinary Journal, The Examined Lifestyle, Kaleidoscope Anthology, Binge, and Sierra Nevada Review. I have been presenting creative and academic works at national conferences such as the National Undergraduate Literature Conference since 2012 and was awarded “First in Creative Nonfiction” by the BYU-Idaho Pre-Professional Conference in 2015.


At Scalability, I produced technical documentation for a wide variety of industries including SaaS, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. My process began by interviewing subject matter experts and researching industry-specific products and procedures. Next, I assessed audience and purpose to determine the medium, adjust the tone, and provide context for technical terminology. Then I documented complex, technical subjects in detailed, accurate, error-free materials. I produced deliverables in many forms including internal procedural documentation, user instructional manuals, company policies, training programs, and marketing collateral. I also built multi-medium, interactive programs using Adobe Creative Suite, learning management systems, and instructional design tools such as Articulate Storyline 360.

Case Study 1


This client was a manufacturing company with a complex set of machines and capabilities, but the company lacked product training. Without product training, their new sales representatives were struggling to understand the company well enough to quote projects accurately.


We reduced training time from one year to ten weeks by building a comprehensive sales certification program to train the sales representatives on the product and certify their quoting skills. The program included comprehensive product training on all the manufacturing machines and featured three levels of certification tests to certify reps at specific levels of project difficulty.

Case Study 2


This client was a roofing company struggling to expand to new locations. They had a fair amount of documentation when we first met them, but their documentation was out of date and not as comprehensive as they had believed. Opening a new location revealed just how much information was still hidden in the owner’s head. 


We built a series of role-specific handbooks to help them reduce the risks of opening new locations. Once everyone in the company had a clear description of their role, and which roles they would need to hire, the new location opened without a hitch. On top of that, the flagship office was also able to refine their existing processes.

View the Case Studies section of the Scalability website for project samples.

As editor in chief of JuxtaProse Literary Magazine, I became well-versed in government paperwork as I filed nonprofit status, grant requests, budget proposals, and managed additional paperwork. Additionally, I drafted articles of incorporation, non-compete agreements, an employee handbook, acceptance/rejection letters, contracts, and press releases. I appealed to donors in private and corporate fundraisers, solicited work from Poet Laureates and Pulitzer nominees, and commissioned issue art from artists. Lastly, I penned a successful budget proposal requesting that the local university sponsor our editorial board at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference; the proposal secured a budget for registration fees, travel expenses, and associated advertising costs.


With two years of freelance work as a content marketing manager and brand designer for local small businesses, I offer diverse skills in web and graphic design, marketing copywriting, and social media management. I have crafted cohesive brand images with fresh logos and taglines through extensive market research and target demographic research. I have designed and launched custom WordPress websites where I produced all copy and optimized SEO. I have produced a wide variety of digital and print marketing collateral including corporate firm resumes, white pages, product guides, temporary landing pages, testimonials, business cards, promotional fliers, and social media ad campaigns. My favorite part of the freelance process is consulting with clients to set clear goals and welcoming feedback. There’s nothing like seeing their excitement as I bring their vision to life.

Work samples

Visit a few of the websites I’ve created.

Now Capital Advisors is a capital raise and M&A firm. I wrote all copy as the account lead at Scalability.

Erickrangel.com is a graphic design portfolio. I wrote all copy as a freelance project.

Lash Club Babes is a business website for a small local company. I wrote all copy as a freelance project.


As a communications minor, I studied journalism and became proficient in the precise syntax and structure of AP Style. As a copyediting intern for Scroll, I became familiar with the fast-paced, detail-orientation of a news publication workplace. I have published feature news articles in Scroll, op-eds in The Examined Lifestyle, and entertainment reviews in Binge.

Work samples

Explore a selection of articles I’ve written for various publications.

“Provo to Host Religious Freedom Annual Review”
(Feature News Article)

“Hannibal Review: Why Highbrow Horror Is Trending” (Entertainment Article)

“BYU-I Plans Extravagant Summer Solstice Festival” (News Article)
“Cheesy Olives, LLC Hosts Fundraiser After Selling One Million Olives (Press Release)


As an English major and writing tutor, I studied rhetoric and composition in great depth. With a passion for critical theory, I spent the majority of my upper-level research and writing examining identity, culture, and language in anti-essentialist and post-structuralist terms, particularly shaped by Derrida, Foucault, and Wittgenstein’s theories.

Work samples

Explore a selection of my favorite academic papers.

“Fatalism of the Bullfight in Hemingway’s ‘The Killers’ and Siodmak’s The Killers: Nihilism vs Existentialism in the Phases of a Bull’s Execution”
“When Predator and Prey Empathize: the Struggle for Power in Anton Chekhov’s ‘Agatha'”
“Essentialism vs Anti-Essentialism: Larsen and Lahiri Explore Identity Ideology”
“Cole’s Futile Search: The Cowboy as a Misfit in the Old Country”


With a bachelor’s degree in English and an emphasis in creative writing, I have gained experience as both a publisher and a writer. With a special interest in poetry and creative nonfiction, I am interested in exploring the universality of the human experience. I am fascinated by the paradox of specificity, how the tiniest, most personal details provoke the most intimate reader response. I hope to reveal bits of what Jung called our collective unconscious by capturing those smallest corners of life.

Passionate about creative writing from a young age, I published my first set of poems in 2010 in Teen Ink Magazine. In 2011, I was selected for the CSUSB + CHS CReWW (California State University of San Bernardino and Cajon High School Creative Writing Workshop) where I received invaluable mentorship from students and professors of the Creative Writing Master’s Program.

I have since published works in Sierra Nevada Review, Metaphor Interdisciplinary Journal, and Kaleidoscope Anthology. I presented creative works at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference in 2012, 2014, and 2015. In 2015, I earned “First in Creative Nonfiction” at the BYU-Idaho Pre-Professional Conference.